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We have four touristic regions in Burkina Faso  .
* The Centre (Business tourism).
* The West (tourism of discovery) .
* The Sahel: extraordinary adventure .

The East: hunting and tourism of vision.

Great Events the FESPACO and the SIAO Come and discover the FESPAC:

the greatest festival of African films. It has been created in 1969 by a group of film-makers. It is a two-year event, beginning on the last Saturday in February of any uneven year.

* Competition of films produced by Africans.
* . International Market of African cinema and television (IMAC).
  audio-visual programs (16mm, 35mm, TV and video).
* African film library
* Film presentations with non-profit goal.
* .Commercial street of Burkinabe and African art.

The SIAO : International Handcraft Show of Ouagadougou

It is the greatest show of African handcraft. The SIAO was created in 1988, it is a two-year show which occurs every even year by the first Saturday of November. It lasts one week. The SIAO welcomes about 100,000 visitors and professional purchasers coming from the whole world.

The stallion of Yenninga
Other cultural and artistic events.
* The SNC: the week of national culture which occurs two-year (even years) at Bobo
  Dioulasso the second city of the country.
* Festival Jazz at Ouagadougou.
* FITMO : Festival of Deama and Puppets of Ouagadougou
* FITD : International Festival of Drama for Development.
* The NAK: Atypic Nights of Koudougou(festival of arts and of cultures of the
* Ouaga Hip Hop: ideal platform for rap movement. Several concerts are organised.

The National Museum :

Visit the National Museum, the loft of Burkinabe patrimony. Its mission is to educate the publicn to conserve the witnesses of the cultural identy of Burkina Faso. Permanent exposition at People’s House.


The National Handcraft and Art Centre (CNAA)

It is an area of training and trading of plastic works. The CNAA is the place of creation of great artistic value. A great majority of monuments of Ouagadougou and other Burkinabe cities are created by the CNAA. It has more than a hundred artists and has two air-conditioned rooms.


The Handcraft Village 

It is located on the site of SIAO. You will discover the gist of the handcraft of Burkina Faso. Today, it gathers more than 300 artists

Other touristic attractions

Discover the sacred crocodiles of Bazoulé (30km) and Sabou on the road to Bobo Dioulasso. The Museum of Manega, an initiative of Mr Pacéré Frédéric Titinga. 170km far from Ouagadougou, you can discover the Kasséna architecture at Tiébélé. Bangre Weogo Park (reserved forest) of Ouagadougou. The animal park of Ziniaré.


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